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Step 3: Place and test your leak detector

After you have set up your Roost Smart Leak Detector by connecting it to your Wi-Fi network, you can test the leak detector.

Simply pour a small amount of water on a solid, flat surface. Place the leak detector in the water so that metal rings on the bottom of the detector are in the puddle. Do not immerse the leak detector completely in water as this will damage it! In a few seconds your leak detector will begin to alarm and the red LED on the cover near the Roost logo will blink. 

To stop the leak detector alarm from sounding, dry off the metal rings on the bottom of the detector thoroughly, especially the small space between them.

Shortly after your Roost leak detector begins to alarm, you should receive a push notification on your smartphone alerting you that there has been a leak.

If you don't receive a push notification within a minute, please check your phone settings to make sure you've allowed push notifications from Roost and test again. 

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