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How do I reset my leak detector?


My leak detector was already connected to my Wi-Fi network

If you have already set up and connected your Roost leak detector to your Wi-Fi network, you do not need to set it up again after you reset it. It will remember your Wi-Fi name and password even when you remove the batteries. To reset your device follow the instructions below, and then wait for the setup mode (LED blinking green) to time out after 10 minutes. Then your leak detector will re-connect to your Wi-Fi network.

My leak detector has not yet connected to my WI-Fi network

To set up your Roost Smart leak detector, the device has to be in setup mode. If you do not see the green LED on the top cover near the Roost logo blinking, please follow these steps to reset your device:

Reset NEW model RSW-200B leak detectors (available late June 2018):

Your Roost packaging has a model number on it. If you do not have the product packaging, look at the bottom of your leak detector to determine if it is a model RSW-200B.

On the bottom of RSW-200B leak detectors, you'll see a 1/4" diameter circle with a blue ring around it sitting to the left of the embossed Roost logo. To reset your detector, simply press the 1/4" diameter circle on the bottom of the device until you hear a click. Release the button. Wait a few seconds for a beep and the device is in setup mode.

Reset ORIGINAL model RSW-200 or RSW-200A leak detectors:

If your leak detector does not have a button on the bottom, then please follow these instructions to reset your leak detector.

  • Carefully open the leak detector by separating the top and bottom covers at the blue line that encircles the device.
  • Remove the AAA batteries
  • Wait 10 seconds
  • Replace the batteries ensuring that they are placed properly--match the + and the - stamped in the blue plastic of the battery compartment with the + and - on your AAA batteries.
  • After replacing the batteries you should hear a single beep. 
  • Replace the bottom cover

If you do not hear a single beep, but see the green LED blinking, try to go through the normal setup process in the Roost app as if the beep had sounded. If the green LED is not blinking, then you will not be able to set up your device. Please contact Roost customer support.

If the setup process does not continue to a successful connection after this initial setup attempt, Please contact our customer support team.

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