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How does the leak detector work?

The Roost Smart Leak and Freeze Detector will sound an alarm when water comes in contact with the two metal rings on the bottom of the detector. Only a small amount of water is needed for the leak detector to sense a potentially much larger and costlier problem.

Because it is a smart device connected to your home's Wi-Fi network, once the Roost leak detector senses water, it will send an alert via a push notification to your smartphone. If you are home, you may hear the leak detector sounding, and you will receive a second alarm on your smartphone.

More importantly, if you are away from home at work, out around town, or traveling on vacation, your Roost Smart Leak Detector will notify your smartphone as soon as it detects a water peril. That way, you can monitor the safety of your home even when you are away and take action!

Additionally, the Roost Smart Leak and Freeze Detector measures temperature and humidity every 30 minutes. You can set custom ranges for both temperature and humidity on your device and be alerted when an out-of-range event occurs. One use of this feature it to detect a potential pipe freeze in your basement or other cool area before it happens. You can also detect dangerous humidity levels that would allow mold to grow.



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