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How do I set temperature and humidity alerts for my Roost leak detector?

When you receive your Roost leak detector, the temperature alert settings will be automatically set to between 4 and 32 degrees Celsius (39 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit), and the humidity alert settings will be automatically set to between 0% and 75%. You can amend the temperature and humidity alerts for each leak detector in your Roost app.

Start at the home screen, and tap on the name of your leak detector. In this example, the leak detector is in the Kitchen (location) and is named Dishwasher:

After you are in the location view (see next image), tap 'Alert Settings':

You can customise the alert levels as seen in the next image. First make sure the Temperature alert and Humidity alerts are turned on. Then, place your finger on the "dots" on the temperature and humidity scales and slide left or right to the level you wish. Tap "Save" when you are finished.

NOTE: In this image, you will be alerted when the temperature goes BELOW 39 deg F or ABOVE 90 deg F. You will be alerted if the humidity goes BELOW 30% or ABOVE 80%. 

If you wish to turn off temperature or humidity alerts, simply tap the toggle switch to the right of "Temperature alert" or "Humidity alert" to turn this function off.

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