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2 beeps with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone and get 2 beeps when trying to connect your Roost Smart Device, it is likely because this phone’s powerful speaker is distorting the audio provisioning signal that the Roost app sends to the Roost battery or Roost leak detector.

You can address this issue by decreasing the media volume on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone to 50%. Please note you may have to do this after you get to the "Connect" step in the Roost app. If you have any questions, please contact Roost support.

Decreasing the volume using the volume button on the side of the phone is not enough. By default, this changes the ringtone of your device.

You must change the media volume. To do this, press the rocker switch on the side of your phone to adjust the ringtone. You will see the top menu on your phone screen as shown below:


Tap on the down arrow in the upper right of this small top menu. This will expand the phone’s audio settings menu as shown below:


Adjust the media volume to about 50% before trying to set up your Roost Smart Battery again.

Samsung gives an alternate, longer way to make this adjustment here.

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