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Could not find "Roost-device" network

Most Second Generation Roost Smart Batteries have the ability to broadcast a Wi-Fi network named "Roost-device-xxxx", where "xxxx" is a unique alpha-numeric code. 

Original Roost batteries do not have the ability to broadcast the "Roost-device-xxxx" Wi-Fi network. You will not find the "Roost-device-xxxx" in your list of Wi-Fi networks. When you get to the screen in the Roost app which asks you to connect your phone to your Roost-device, and you do not find "Roost-device-xxxx" return to the app and tap "Could not find."

There are two ways to tell if your Roost battery can broadcast a Wi-Fi network:

  1. First look at the bottom of the battery (opposite the power terminals). The bottom of all Second Generation batteries are blue with a white Roost logo. Original Roost batteries have a blue bottom with a blue Roost logo.
  2. The Second Generation batteries which broadcast a Wi-Fi network have an LED on the short side of the battery which blinks red when in setup mode.
    • To put the battery in setup mode, reset it by removing the Smart Module (the bottom rectangular piece), waiting 5 seconds, then replacing the Smart Module.
    • You will see the LED on the short side of the battery blink red.
    • Original Roost batteries and some Second Generation batteries do not have this LED. If your battery does not have an LED blinking red after a reset, it cannot broadcast the "Roost-device-xxxx" Wi-Fi network. 

If you have an original Roost battery or an early version of our Second Generation battery, you can set up your battery using the audio setup mode. Please follow the instructions in your Roost app after you tap "Could not find".

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