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Could not find "Roost-device" network

Most Second Generation Roost Smart Batteries have the ability to broadcast a Wi-Fi network named "Roost-device-xxxx", where "xxxx" is a unique alpha-numeric code. 

Original Roost batteries do not have the ability to broadcast the "Roost-device-xxxx" Wi-Fi network. You will not find the "Roost-device-xxxx" in your list of Wi-Fi networks.

If you want to set up your battery via the audio method, then you get to the screen in the Roost app which asks you to go to your Wi-Fi settings, do it and then just return to the Roost app. You will be automatically redirected to connect to your home Wi-Fi network via the audio pairing process.

There are two ways to tell if your Roost battery can broadcast a Wi-Fi network:

  1. First look at the bottom of the battery (opposite the power terminals). The bottom of all Second Generation batteries are blue with a white Roost logo. Original Roost batteries have a blue bottom with a blue Roost logo.
  2. The Second Generation batteries which broadcast a Wi-Fi network have an LED on the short side of the battery which blinks red when in setup mode.
    • To put the battery in setup mode, reset it by removing the Smart Module (the bottom rectangular piece), waiting 5 seconds, then replacing the Smart Module.
    • You will see the LED on the short side of the battery blink red.
    • Original Roost batteries and some Second Generation batteries do not have this LED. If your battery does not have an LED blinking red after a reset, it cannot broadcast the "Roost-device-xxxx" Wi-Fi network. 

If you have an original Roost battery or an early version of our Second Generation battery, you can set up your battery using the audio setup mode. 

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