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Step 1: Get the Roost app and create your account

Welcome to Roost! It's easy to get going with your Smart Battery, and this page will take you through setup step-by-step.

In most cases, setup takes minutes!

You don’t need any tools or hubs – you just need a few things to get started with your Smart Battery:

  • A smoke alarm that uses a 9-volt battery for backup or primary power
  • An iOS or Android smartphone
  • A Wi-Fi® network (and password if you have one)

Watch our short video that shows you how to install and set up your Smart Battery, or just follow the 3-the individual articles in the Setup section of our Help Center.

Download the Roost app

Download and install the Roost mobile app by searching for "Roost Smart Home" in the iTunes or Google Play app store. You can search directly from the app store on your smartphone or click below to add the appropriate Roost app.

Download for iOS

Download for Android

Next, open the Roost app and follow the installation instructions within the app. 

Enable location access

Why does Roost ask to access your location?

The first time you open the application you’ll be asked to “Allow Roost to access your location while you use the app.” We recommend you allow the application to see your location. Allowing Roost to know your location will let others know if you’re near the alarm when it sounds.


Create your account

If you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to create an account with Roost. If you have an account, sign in from this screen.

To create your account:

Roost will send you a verification access code via text message. Enter this code in the app.

Continue to Step 2

Questions? Please visit our Smart Battery FAQ section of our Help Center.


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