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Step 2: Connect your Smart Battery

Add a Smart Battery

After you’ve created your account, you are ready to set up your Smart Battery and connect it to Wi-Fi. Before you start, make sure that your smartphone is connected to your home Wi-Fi.

To get started, pull the clear tab out of your Smart Battery. You will hear an single beep indicating that your Smart Battery has powered on.

Then select “Add a new device” in the Roost app. If you already have devices in your Roost account, tap the + in the upper right hand corner of the app.

NOTE: You can have multiple physical address locations in one Roost app. Please be sure to add batteries to the correct address. In the example below, the device would be added to the address "My Home." Swiping left or right on your screen will take you to additional address if you have them set up.


Choose which type of device you want to add

To add a Smart Battery, tap on the Smart Battery icon.


Choose a location for this device

Next, indicate the location of the alarm where your Smart Battery will be placed. You can add a custom name for a location if desired. You can always change this later.

Connect to Wi-Fi

The app will then attempt to connect to the Wi-Fi network (SSID name) on which your smartphone is connected. Please make sure that your Wi-Fi network is working and that you enter in the correct password for your Wi-Fi network. Please note: The password you need to enter in the screen below is for your Wi-Fi, not your Roost Account password.

IMPORTANT: During setup, you must be connected to a Wi-Fi network that is in physical proximity to where the alarm with the Smart Battery will reside.



Set up Connection

When you’ve entered the location and Wi-Fi information for your Smart Battery, it's now time to start the important audio connection process that will link your Smart Battery to your Roost account.

As part of setup, the Smart Battery will play a 10-second audio tone. We recommend that you are in a quiet area and get ready to connect by taking the following steps:

1. If you have not done so yet, please remove the pull tab from the battery. Please be sure you do not dislodge the Smart Module (the small rectangular piece at the bottom of the battery). You should hear a single beep when you remove the pull tab.



2. Start by placing your Roost Smart Battery on a flat surface with the terminals facing you.


 2. Locate the speakers on your smartphone

  • On the iPhone, the speakers are located on the bottom of the phone
  • The speaker location on Android phones varies by model. The speakers are usually on the front or back of the phone. If you are unsure where your speaker is located, you can refer to our Help Center article: How do I find the external speaker on my Android phone?

You'll be asked to turn up the speaker volume on your phone so that the Roost Battery can be programmed using audio signal from your phone.


3. Place your phone on a flat surface with the speaker approximately 1/2 inch from the battery so that the battery can hear the audio being played by the app



4. Press the “Connect” button when you’re ready to start the audio tone and Smart Battery connection process. After you begin the connection process, your Smart Battery will begin to transfer the data from the phone to the Roost Cloud via the audio tone. In less than 30 seconds, you should see this success screen.


If you do not have success with connecting and instead see the following screen, check that your Wi-Fi connection and password are correct. Tap "Try Again." If you are still not getting a Success screen, refer to the Smart Battery FAQ page.

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