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Install and test the Smart Battery in your smoke alarm

Insert Smart Battery in alarm

Now it’s time to install the Smart Battery in your smoke alarm.

Remove the old 9V battery from the smoke alarm. Then remove the clear protective cap at the top of your Smart Battery. You can re-use this to safely dispose of your current 9V battery by simply snapping it on the terminals of the old 9V for disposal.

Install your Smart Battery in your smoke alarm, inserting it just as you would a conventional 9V battery.


Test alarm

After inserting your Smart Battery, test your smoke alarm to check that it and the connection to your smartphone are working.  Press and hold the “test” button on your alarm.* You should hear the alarm sound and receive a notification on your phone through your Roost app.

* Pressing the test button on your smoke alarm for 10-15 seconds will cause your alarm to sound. If you do not wish to test the alarm at this time, you can bypass this step in the process and test at a later time.

If you do not hear the alarm sound when you press the test button, or if you do not receive a notification, please visit our Alerts, Notifications, And Snoozing section of our Help Center. 


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