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My Smart Battery beeped 6 times

If your Smart Battery beeps 6 times after a connection to the Roost Cloud fails, it may mean that  you have an older version of firmware on your battery that can no longer connect to the Roost Cloud. If you recently purchased your battery directly from Roost, this is NOT the case. 

First step to try to resolve 6 beep errors:

  1. Reboot your Wi-Fi access point/router by powering off, waiting 30 seconds, and powering back on
  2. Verify that you have Internet connectivity

Try to connect again. 

If you still get 6 beeps please contact 

In your email, please include your address and the serial number of the battery that you have. You can find the serial number on the inside of the removable Smart Module at the bottom of the battery (below the blue line that encircles the battery). It is a 6-digit alpha-numeric code.


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