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Are there any alarms that do not work with the Roost Smart Battery?


Our new Version 2 batteries, shipping after October 18, 2017 should not experience compatibility issues with the alarms listed below that cause a low-battery chirp. You can tell if you have a Version 2 battery because the Roost logo on the bottom of the battery is white. 

If you purchased your Roost batteries prior to October 18, or purchased older batteries via an unauthorized reseller, this article is relevant for you.

While the Roost Smart Battery works in most smoke and combined smoke/CO alarms, we have discovered compatibility issues with our Version 1 batteries and the following alarms (see table below). If you are located in the United States and your alarms are not certified to UL or ETL standards we cannot warrant the Roost Smart Battery in your alarm. If your alarm is on this list and you have Roost Version 1 batteries, you may want to consider replacing it, especially if it is older than 10 years old. Please see our Help Center Article: When should I replace my smoke alarm?

United States

Manufacturer: First Alert

Model Issue Resolution
7020B Alarm chirps low-battery due to how it checks backup battery voltage Replace alarm
SA720CN Alarm has an "Escape Light" and bright LED that will significantly shorten the battery life of the Roost Smart Battery Replace alarm
P900 Alarm occasionally chirps for unknown reason Replace alarm
UP-5AD-12-A Explosive Gas and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Alarm chirps low battery Not warranted for use in this alarm

Manufacturer: Kidde

KN-COSM-1B Alarm chirps low-battery due to how it checks backup battery voltage Replace alarm. Recall announced 11/10/16
KN-COPE-1C Roost battery is difficult to install because of clip on Kidde alarm battery door Replace alarm (preferred) or contact Roost Support for extra installation instructions
Firex i4618 Alarm chirps low-battery due to how it checks backup battery voltage Replace alarm

Manufacturer: Mudder

Model Issue Resolution
PW-525SC Alarm will deplete Roost battery in less than 1 year. Battery not warranted in this alarm. Replace alarm



Manufacturer: Kidde

Model Issue Resolution
0976CA Battery compartment size Replace alarm

If you have one of the alarms in this list, please contact Customer Support. We can assist you with selecting an alternate alarm.

As you evaluate whether to replace your alarm, please note that alarms manufactured more than 10 years ago should be replaced. For more information, please read our article When should I replace my smoke alarm?

If you do not have an alarm in this list and are experiencing low battery chirps from your newly installed Roost Smart Battery, please refer to our article My Roost battery reads 0 volts! or contact Roost Customer Support.

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