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My battery has missed a check-in

Sometimes in the Roost app you may see that your battery's name has a yellow or red exclamation point underneath it.

This simply means that your Roost Smart Battery missed its last health check with the Roost Cloud.

If the triangle is yellow with an exclamation mark in most cases your battery’s power level is fine, and it is ready to alert you to any alarms that sound. Typically when a battery misses its health check, it is due to your Wi-Fi being interrupted for a short period of time.


If your battery continues to miss check ins, you will see a red exclamation point in your Roost app home screen. We will also notify you by email and ask you to contact our support team.

Please keep in mind that our batteries are online only a few seconds each day for this check-in. Otherwise the Roost battery is in a state of "watchful waiting," ready to connect with the Roost Cloud as soon as it hears an alarm. Then you receive notification of the alarm event in your app.

You can always check your Roost battery by pressing the test button on your alarm. If your Roost battery is functioning correctly, you will receive an alarm notification in your Roost app. Your battery will perform a health check again 24 hours after this alarm event. Unless you have changed parameters associated with your Wi-Fi network as described in the next paragraph, you do not need to set up your battery again if it shows a yellow or red exclamation point. Pressing your alarm's test button should cause it to connect to the Roost Cloud immediately. If not, please contact our support team.

Changing your router or Wi-Fi access point hardware, or changing the name or password of your router or access point will prevent your Roost Smart Battery from checking in with the Roost Cloud. If you make these changes, you will need to set up your battery again. Please see our Help Center article: I've changed my Wi-Fi router, what should I do?

If you have additional questions, please contact Roost Support.

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