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How do I check the firmware version or MAC address on my device?

Most likely, you will not have a case where you will need to know the firmware version or MAC address of your Roost Smart Home device, but if you would like to check this information, you may!

Locating a Smart Battery's MAC address

If you have a Roost Smart Battery that is not yet connected to the Roost Cloud, and you need to know your battery's MAC address because you white list devices on your router, please email Customer Support with the 6-digit alphanumeric serial number on the inside of the removable bottom piece of your battery. They can provide your battery's MAC address to you.

Locating a Leak Detector's MAC address

The Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector's MAC address is stamped on the inside of the device adjacent to the battery compartment. You can open the device by separating the top and bottom at the blue line. You can use a coin to gently separate the top and bottom of the detector, first loosening on one side and then the other.

Finding a device's MAC address or firmware version in the Roost app

Once your Smart Home device is connected to the Roost Cloud, to access the firmware version and MAC address of your device, start at the home screen.

From the home screen, tap on the tile of the device, for example, 'Dishwasher' leak detector:

On the next screen, tap 'Technical Information'.

The next screen displays the technical details of your device, including firmware version and MAC address. This information is available for any Roost device connected to the Roost Cloud.


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