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Before you get started with Smart Alarm set up

Welcome to Roost! It's easy to get going with your Smart Alarm, and this page will take you through setup step-by-step. You can also refer to our instructions, How to install  your Smart Alarm for information on replacing your existing smoke alarm with the Roost Smart Alarm. 

In most cases, setup takes minutes!

You'll need a standard household screwdriver to install your alarm, and perhaps a ladder if your alarm is located on a ceiling.

You'll also need two things to get started with your Smart Battery that is part of your Smart Alarm:

  • An iOS or Android smartphone
  • A Wi-Fi® network (and password if you have one)

Watch our short video that shows you how to install and set up your Smart Alarm, or just follow the 3-step guide on our Get Started page (or the individual articles in the alarm Setup section of our Help Center).

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