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How to install your hard-wired RSA-200/400 Smart Alarm

Please follow the specific instructions in the manual that is included with your smoke alarm. Our installation video shows these steps. You may also download a copy of the manual from our Help Center Printable Guides section.

The general steps are:

Mounting of the Smart Alarm Bracket

  1. Turn off power to your alarm circuit. CAUTION: Failure to turn off the electrical power before installation may result in serious electrical shock, injury, or death.
  2. Remove the existing alarm by twisting the smoke alarm from its mounting bracket. 
  3. Using a screwdriver, remove the old mounting bracket from the ceiling junction box.
  4. Gently pull the home AC wires through the center hole on the Roost Smart Alarm mounting bracket. Align the new mounting bracket with the holes on the ceiling junction box.
  5. Secure the Roost Smart Alarm bracket to the junction box using the screws that were previously used to connect the old mounting bracket.
  6. After verifying that the power to your alarm circuit is off, carefully disconnect your household AC wires from the old alarm's wiring harness.

Connecting the Electrical Wires

  1. Connect the white wire from the wiring harness included with your Roost Smart Alarm to the white household wires using a wire nut.
  2. Connect the black wire from the wiring harness to the black household wires using a wire nut.
  3. If your alarms are interconnected (when one sounds, all the alarms sound) connect the yellow wire from the wiring harness to the interconnect wires of your household circuit.
  4. Attach the wiring harness plug to pins on back of the Roost Smart Alarm. The plug will only fit one way and will snap into place. Gently tug on wiring harness to be sure it is attached securely, and then gently push excess wiring into the junction box

Attaching the Smart Alarm to the Mounting Bracket

  1. Place the Roost Smart Alarm on the mounting bracket and turn it clockwise to snap into place. 

Now you can proceed with setting up your Roost Smart Battery!

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