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Early-life failures of some Roost Smart Batteries (10.12.16)

At Roost, we’re committed to providing you with smart, reliable, and innovative products for your home. Part of this commitment means keeping you informed about our products.

Recently, we identified and fixed a manufacturing issue with a small subset of Roost Smart Batteries that can cause a battery to fail prematurely. There is no safety risk, only the battery life is impacted.

The data we have in the Roost Cloud helps us spot batteries that may have this issue. We are proactively contacting any users who have batteries that may be affected so that we can replace these at no charge under our warranty. Moving forward, this issue has been resolved for all new batteries shipped to our customers.

At Roost we stand behind all of our products. Our goal continues to be increased peace-of-mind for your home.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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